My Alkaline Diet

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We all know the old cliché “you are what you eat,” but most of us do not realize how deep that statement actually goes. Every food that we currently consume leaves behind a residue after it is processed through the body, and this residue can either be alkalizing or acidifying. How well our body functions, how often we get sick, how much energy we have, and many other things are determined by the amount of low-alkaline diet food that we pump into our bodies.

This is why it is very important to understand the difference between high-alkaline and low-alkaline diet foods. This is actually way more important than counting calories or watching your carbohydrate intake!

Since the buildup of acid inside the body is the cause of many illnesses, it is best for the human body if the majority of your foods are alkalizing. In general, when you focus on eating whole, natural foods you are focusing on alkaline foods. Think of fresh fruits and vegetables and 100% whole grain pasta and breads.

Foods that are heavily processed or which contain a lot of sugar or fake sugars are the ones which tend to create the buildup of unhealthy acid inside the system. These low-alkaline diet foods create disease, colds, and inflammation inside the body.

When you follow a high-alkaline diet and reduce the consumption of these low-alkaline diet foods, you will notice right away that you have more energy, are in a better mood, and simply feel better all around. The longer you follow the alkaline diet the better and better you will feel and the more weight you will lose.

If you are eating a lot of processed or sugary junk foods which produce a lot of acid inside your body, stop right away! Give yourself a week or two to test out a high-alkaline diet and you will see in that short time frame how much better you start to feel!