My Alkaline Diet

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There is no doubt that the alkaline diet has turned many lives around and helped many people drop tons of weight and actually keep it off. The biggest problem for some followers is that they aren’t quite sure how to create a satisfying alkaline diet menu when they first get started with the plan.

When you first look at the foods that should be avoided on this plan it does seem quite intimidating. Give up fried foods and sugary baked goods? It does seem nearly impossible if your routine diet is filled with these things, but the alkaline diet is actually extremely easy to follow once you learn how to design a alkaline diet menu with meals that are both fast and delicious.

Most people eat the same things over and over, even if they are not on a diet. This means it isn’t all that hard to create an alkaline diet menu that you really enjoy and find yourself satisfied the majority of the time. When you crave something different, explore online and find a new recipe or come up with your own alkaline recipes!

The Daily Salad

On a busy day when you won’t have much time to cook, you can make one large salad to last the entire day. You will of course not be satisfied with a basic garden salad so throw in all the alkalizing vegetables you have in the kitchen plus avocado, nuts, and seeds.

Frozen Meals

For the most part, prepackaged foods do not make for the best alkaline diet menu, but the alkaline diet is much easier to follow if you keep a few frozen meals in the freezer for nights you are too exhausted or pressed for time to cook a meal.

You want to look for frozen meals that include very little to no meat and cheese. Then add a generous helping of salad or steamed vegetables on the side, creating a healthy and satisfying alkaline meal in just minutes.


While low-carbohydrate plans have practically turned the potato into the devil in many dieters’ minds, potatoes are actually healthy alkalizing foods. True, they are a bit more caloric than non-starchy vegetables, but even people who want to lose weight can eat potatoes in moderation. Get creative and learn to create a delicious alkaline diet menu that includes white potatoes, as well as sweet potatoes and yams.

Quick Snacks

Keep fresh vegetables and fruits all chopped up and ready to eat in your fridge at all times. When you need a quick snack or will need something to take with you to get through between-meal hours, they will always be there to grab on the run. You can also use dried fruits as on-the-go snacks.

You can also use fresh fruit to blend into smoothies or add to plain yogurt as a delicious snack. Nuts and dried fruit are great mixed with plain yogurt as well. (Yogurt is mildly acidifying, but it can be part of the 20 to 35 percent of total calories that it’s okay to get from acidifying foods.)

These tips should get you thinking creatively about how to create a convenient alkaline diet menu that will satisfy you both physically and mentally. Keeping snacks ready and always on hand will be a big key to sticking with the alkaline diet long term because it avoids those moments where you need something fast and grabbing something unhealthy is the only option.

The ability to create one big salad for the entire day will also turn into a diet-saver on those days you are too pressed for time to think about what you are eating. Prepare the salad in the early morning and there is no question what’s on your plate for the day!