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Acid alkaline diets are the exact opposite of the Atkins diets. Atkins diets contains a lot fats and proteins but a very less amount of carbohydrates. Atkins diets are a very poor source of energy and they have left a very bad effect on our body. On the other hand, the acid alkaline diets are a rich source of energy. They are also useful for losing weight and the proper functioning of all the body parts.

By using acid alkaline diets, the pH level of the body remains balanced, and so acid alkaline diets are very helpful in preventing disease. These types of diets are also useful in the cure of many diseases. The origin of the acid alkaline diets is in the fact that the ideal pH level of our body is 7.3. This is actually alkaline in nature and helps the body parts to work in a proper manner. But if the pH level goes slightly towards the acidic side then it causes trouble and body parts can’t work properly.

As our body is alkaline in nature so the food we eat should also be alkaline and the acidic foods are eaten to maintain that level. But the majority of foods are alkaline. Since the vegetables and fruits are alkaline in nature, we have to use them and cut short the use of meat and oily foods. The foods containing large amount of fat are very harmful. They increase the cholesterol level of the body and the alkaline foods such as fruits and vegetables play a vital role in controlling the amount of fats in the body.

When the level of the body’s alkaline minerals such as calcium, magnesium and potassium goes down, then there is danger to our health. The body starts losing energy and we feel tired all the time. When the alkaline level is low in our body, resistance against diseases lessens and our body is attacked by different germs, causing many different type of diseases. An acid alkaline diet contains 80% alkaline food and only 20% of acidic, as the acidic foods are harmful for our body.

An acid alkaline diet in not only used to lose weight but it is also helpful in regaining the lost health and we can enjoy a healthy and a disease-free life. Acid alkaline diets are also useful for the people who feel tired all the time as they provide a lot of energy to the body. Acid alkaline diets work as a medicine in regards to stress and low energy level. They work as a safeguard for many viral diseases. Acid alkaline diets are also useful for diseases like headache, muscle pain and joint pain.

So by using the acid alkaline diets we can easily enjoy a healthy life. These types of diets help our body preventing the diseases. It is a very balanced diet plan if we use the acid alkaline diets in a proper way and also in the proper ratio.